Landscape Management – a vital factor in successful implementation and establishment of sustainable landscapes which will thrive.

Landscape Management

Landscape Management

A key factor in the achievable delivery of a landscape development and its long-term success is the Landscape Management Plan – how the scheme will be managed and maintained once its construction is complete. Plants need maintaining and nurturing and the initial design and concept of a scheme should reflect that.  Our preparation of the planting design, consideration of the plants used and their subsequent maintenance is a vital factor in a successful planning submission – and ultimately in the creation of sustainable landscapes which will thrive.
To ensure the outstanding design is translated into an outstanding completed scheme, we provide a site-monitoring and reporting service.  Through this comprehensive landscape management service, standards and specifications of all soft and hard landscaping materials are checked, ensuring the integrity of the scheme is upheld.

Landscape Design

Sensitive, understated design, intrinsically with disabled access in mind

Landscape Consultancy

Engaged with the local community and liaised with planning teams, consultants, contractors and play equipment manufacturers

Landscape Management

Liaison with planning departments, play equipment manufacturers and community groups

Landscape Planning

Managing schedules and contractor activity and enabling timely and effective completion

Landscape Visualisation

Using the latest 2D and 3D visualisation tools as an integral part of the design process, not just a visual presentation medium.

Landscape Environment

Sensitive design, acknowledging the prevalent natural habitat and recognising its potential to accommodate greater biodiversity.

Landscape Regeneration

Enhancing and developing existing public open spaces.