• Skills Needed:
    Design, Planning, Ecology
  • Project Value:
  • Client Name:
    David Wilson Homes Mercia
  • Date Completed:
  • Location:
  • Contract Type:
    Contract Type
  • Client Type:
    Residential Housebuilder

What we did

Set on the waterfront in Shrewsbury and a two minute walk from the town centre, is a David Wilson development full of charm, natural beauty and character, boasting beautiful landscaped gardens, viewed from the balconies of the facing apartments and overlooking the River Severn.

The scheme called for the defining, designing and refining of landscape plans for this stunning development in Shropshire.  Built alongside the old Shrewsbury Town Football Ground at Gay Meadows, the site nestles on the banks of the River and blends into the outlying natural environment with considered and thoughtful plant selection, landscape form and flow.

bali_2016_landscape_awards_winner_rgb-jpgv2KDA provided the masterplan, detailed soft landscape plan and landscape management plan to develop this prestigious flagship residential scheme into a glorious showpiece for housebuilding in the natural landscape.  The choice species reflect and embellish the high quality design and build of the development and the ecological and landscape considerations of the local area, susceptible to flooding, have been embraced and integrated into the design and complexity of the scheme.

The resulting landscaped grounds, surrounds and courtyard are a stunning showcase of all that is great in landscape architecture and a beauty to behold from each of the residential balconies and the River itself.
The project was selected as a Winner in the Design Excellence Category in the 2016 BALI Landscape Awards.

Services Used

Landscape Design

High quality design to reflect and complement the build

Landscape Consultancy

Liaison with planning teams, consultants and contractors

Landscape Management

Careful consideration of all ecological, services, planning and community implications

Landscape Planning

Managing schedules and contractor activity and enabling timely and effective completion