• Skills Needed:
    Soft and hard landscaping, fencing
  • Project Value:
  • Client Name:
    EMH Homes
  • Date Completed:
  • Location:
  • Contract Type:
  • Client Type:
    Residential Housebuilder

What we did

Part of a major regeneration project in the area, the original design brief was to enhance the sense of ‘place’ for the residents and local community.  The design and its implementation carefully integrates the open spaces with visual connectives throughout the landscape – trees, low level shrubs, under-planting, pockets and pathways.

Soft landscaping has reinforced the boundaries and enclosure of the site, strengthening the community’s pride and ownership of the open space.  The co-ordinated planting of boundary trees punctuates each aspect of the design.

Working once again with EMH Homes, KDA delivered the now-established landscaping scheme which both enhances security and engages its’ community.  EMH Homes are part of the EMH Group who have been providing affordable homes since 1946 across the region.

Services Used

Landscape Design

Visual connectives throughout

Landscape Management

Engage with the community

Landscape Planning

Enhance the sense of ‘place’