• Skills Needed:
    Soft landscaping, tree planting, footpaths, fences, lighting
  • Project Value:
    £ undisclosed
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  • Date Completed:
  • Location:
  • Contract Type:
  • Client Type:
    Residential Housebuilder

What we did

As part of the planning and consultation process for emh homes in 2013, Keary Design Associates provided the masterplan and assisted with the planning submission for the Braunstone Town Environmental Improvement Project.  With the focus on improving the community facilities, the external works and landscaping have helped define a distinctive character for the neighbourhood.

The footpaths and paving, a blend of pavers and cobbles, meander through the soft landscaping, maximising the open spaces by ground modelling of the grass terrain.  These mounds and shaped areas give the landscape both purpose and aesthetic quality.  Seating and play areas sit within ground-modelled areas, peppered with wildflowers for colour and small trees planted for structure.

Services Used

Landscape Design

Integration of open space within the masterplan

Landscape Consultancy

Assess vehicle movement, parking, pedestrians and recreation

Landscape Environment

Define a distinctive character for the neighbourhood

Landscape Planning

Assist with Planning Permission proposals